The Starters NBA Preview: 101 Questions (Pt. 1)

, on October 21, 2013 , 5:41PM


New name, new country, same ol’ NBA fun.


On today’s first edition of The Starters’ 2013-14 NBA preview podcast, the guys begin tackling 101 questions pertaining to the upcoming season. What was the best move of the off-season? Who’s a lock to make their first All-Star Game? Who’s the Heat’s biggest threat in the East? Which team has the league’s deepest bench? And who’s our favorite “ridiculously old guy” left playing?


All that, plus majestic giraffes, press conferences, baby drops, new head coaches, and many more NBA questions. Ah, it’s good to be back.



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71 Responses to “The Starters NBA Preview: 101 Questions (Pt. 1)”

  1. Dawgbowl says:

    Sounds like you guys need to hit a mid-morning brunch at 10:30 AM

  2. Scott Danger says:

    Welcome back guys! Let’s never go this long without seeing each other again, hmm?

  3. Derek says:

    My work internet blocks the player is used for the podcast…lame. ‘This Websense category is filtered: Internet Radio and TV.’ The podcast player on The Scores for TBJ podcasts is not blocked. Disappointing.

  4. justin says:

    when will this be downloadable?

  5. fab says:

    Is there a way to download the pod onto a android smartphone without using itunes?

  6. Brad says:

    Drake “Asthma Team” off of Comeback Season

  7. Mister Torn says:


    Here’s the direct mp3 link:

    Had to dig into the source on my PC to find it. My podcast app won’t pick it up from the RSS feed (which I also had to dig into the source to find). I really hope this gets fixed. :-(

  8. Danny says:

    How I’ve missed you guys! Gimme some Raptor news!

  9. yuhhbrangdadang! the most lavish of podcasts finally returns to my ears

  10. Cuban Pete says:

    I pumped to listen to this, so glad you guys are on NBA TV

  11. JC Amb says:

    The NBA is so much sweeter with the Starters back.

  12. Jaymacka says:

    Pacers for deepest bench? I know they’re probably not deeper than some teams, but their bench will be much improved from last year, addressing one of their biggest weaknesses.

    Granger/Stephenson (Depending who starts)
    Orlando Johnson

    Welcome back guys! Looking forward to the new endeavours in Atlanta, much love from back home!

  13. Adam Lewandowski says:

    For an RSS URL, try . Worked for me in my podcast client (Doggcatcher)

  14. Blackmouth Hooper says:

    Hope Granma Lana knows where to get the new take on the Warriors…

  15. BW628 says:

    Don’t sleep on Al Jefferson leading the league in double doubles. Will be a stat hog in Charlotte.

  16. telecustom says:

    yay :D
    I am one happy dude.

  17. Dave says:

    Great to have you back!!!

    Leigh will know this but M&M’s actually did buy a jersey for a game in Aussie Rules, Carlton normally wear Navy Blue but when M&M’s replaced the tan colour with pale blue they paid to have Carlton play in a pale blue jersey.

    People still laugh at Carlton for this but not as much as one of the AFL players Gary Hocking who changed his name to Whiskas for a game because he played for the Geelong Cats and Whiskas is a cat food company.

  18. Gabe says:

    Derrick Favors should be up there for Double Doubles. Great to have you guys back!

  19. Yellow Copperhead says:

    need make the rss feed more visible

  20. Abe says:

    For the android users, if you download beyondpod, you can find the starters podcast

  21. TeamRegime says:

    Good to have you guys back!

  22. Mark says:


  23. Irwin says:

    So glad to hear Leigh’s weirdness again.

  24. A_Schick says:

    Welcome back y’all. Here’s to a great upcoming season!

  25. III says:

    Pierce not as motivated? Gotta say I completely disagree. I think it’s the opposite. He has a chip on his shoulder now that he’s no longer a franchise guy like a Dirk, Kobe, or Duncan. And a lot has been said about how hold he and KG are, so that’s just more fuel to the fire for him to prove that he’s far from done.

  26. Ed says:

    Feud: MWP and JR smith
    Bros: Nate Robinson and Javale McGee

  27. moni says:

    So indescribably happy you guys are back! Today is a good day.

  28. Nathaniel says:

    YESSSSS!!! Just like old times!!! PROGNOSTICATIONS

    I’ve been a fan of The Hoopsketball Jones for quite a while and am really happy for you all. I didn’t realized how much I missed the blank jones until the giraffe tangent. Zoo’s would have been a good one.

    Podcast #1 was GREAT…

    buuuttt you totally got overshadowed by Simmons doing the cinnamon challenge on his Denver Nuggets preview.

    I have faith that you can top that, keep up the good work my immigrant bros

  29. Mike Masaya says:

    Great to have you guys back! Commute home is now the best part of the work day!

    I have to say D12 is a better pick up than Igoudala for the sole reason GSW will play the exact same way they did before, hope to outscore everyone and survive with OK defence. HOU will be able to mix it up quite a bit IMO and attack from all angles and on defence D12 should get the job done with some help

    A great doc would be Best, Worst and Biggest Sleepers in Draft History. Guys like Manu, fan favs like Lin, Oden at 1 would all make great stories for today’s fans. Giraffes DO have Swag! Pay the $3 and recognize!

    A la prochaine!

  30. Joe says:

    It’s absolutely great having you guys back in my life…

    Only beef with the first episode is how long you guys took to provide us with “Raptor News” and even mention the New York knickerbockers

  31. Nick L. says:

    This was perfect – I had a flight today and I just sat and listened. I certainly hope you guys are right about the Celtics earning a lottery pick and Rondo lighting a fire under Jeff Green’s ass.

  32. Monk says:


  33. Embrace the Martian says:

    Golden St vs Brooklyn in the Finals. I called it.

  34. Sam says:

    so glad this is back, so glad.

  35. Aaron says:

    Best Drake song to rep the raptors this season is “We’ll Be Fine”. They won’t be too good or bad they’ll do just fine. Also I’m a little surprised you guys didn’t mention Bargnani not actually eating primo pasta all that work you put in for that all star video is ruined!

  36. Fraser L says:

    Finally! It has been a long time. Too long. Welcome back. New page looks shiny and you all nailed it as usual.

  37. D_is_for_Danger says:

    So glad you guys are back,

    here’s to a brave new world at NBA TV!

  38. Marcin says:

    Good to hear from you again!

  39. Icthyroll07 says:


  40. Jordan says:

    It’s great to have you guys back. I made myself late back to work on my lunch yesterday just so I could go home and put the show on my iPod to listen. I love that you guys were able to leave the Score and keep the drops too. New name, same great show. Please don’t disappear on us again…it gets lonely without you guys

  41. Bilal says:

    I’d say my most overrated team this year is the Warriors. Sorry Tas and Skeeters…I just don’t get all the hype for a team that has a 2nd round exit ceiling again. Iggy was nice, but they lost key bench assets also. Not to mention ESPN ranked Steph at #6 in the league…WHAT AM I MISSING!?

  42. Spyros says:

    Finally you guys are back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck with the show! Shoe ‘em how it’s done there on NBA Digital

  43. Steven says:

    Welcome back from down under

  44. Ari says:

    I had a giant smile on my face walking down Park Ave, hearing Skeets says ” Good Day Sweet World”, for the first time in ages. Glad to have you guys back in my life.

  45. EE says:

    YES!! All of you are back! Although I started listening last year, you all quickly became part of my daily routine. Great to have you back. and Thunder Up!

  46. JP says:

    DVR set for NBATV on Oct. 30th @ 5 PM ET. I plan to watch this show everyday after work.

  47. Javan says:

    Glad to see that you guys are BACK. It feels like its been a long time……and other NBA podcasts are…….lets say…….lacking….

  48. Anthony Perez says:

    The giraffe conversation had me in tears! TEARS! haha. So glad to have you guys back. I almost forgot how I spoiled I had become hanging with my best NBA buds in my ears every day last year. I was going through both withdrawals from the games and from your commentary.

    I will say that I’m a bit disappointed that none of you guys had the balls to choose the Nets as Heat challengers. Not only do they have the most talented starting lineup in the NBA, but they also have the deepest bench. Also, they are BIG. They have 3 6’7″ defenders on the wing (Joe Johnson, Pierce, and AK47) and, for all intents and purposes, three 7-footers (KG, Lopez, Blatche)

  49. Sandwiches says:

    Podcast Downloaded and waiting for a listen. Welcome back….but…what happened to Moo Milk Bar?

  50. Phil says:

    I missed you guys so much.

  51. AC Slater says:

    welcome back guys – its been way too long!

  52. Edgar says:

    For Trey – “Ask your Doctor about Tacos”‎

  53. Michael L. says:

    I only counted 24 Question… what did i miss?
    1 Best Off-Season Move
    2 Biggest Name traded this season
    3 Can you name all new head coaches
    4 Most DoubleDouble
    5 Can Dwight Howard become likeable again
    6 Heats biggest threat
    7 which Drake song will best represent the Raptors 2013-14
    8 which Teammates dont get along
    9 Leagues deepest Bench
    10 Can the GSW finish top 4 in West
    11 2012-13 Playoff team that ends up in the lottery
    12 Battle of NY
    13 favorite old Guy
    14 Fantasy Basketball Team names
    15 Whats the next strange purchase
    16 Which NBA # going viral
    17 next NBA TV documentary
    18 Nuggets makes Playoff
    19 who comes back first
    20 most overrated team
    21 next jersey modification
    22 best Bromance
    23 Winning West (Best Record Regular Season)
    24 who is a lock for the first all star appearance
    25 ???

    • Sandwiches says:

      My goodness we have too much time on our hands. Does it REALLY matter? Think about it. If these guys don’t actually do 101 questions is your life going to end? Are you being tortured by Serbian Nationalists who will kill you and your family if these guys don’t do 101 questions? As much as I like listening to them, I don’t miss the forest for the trees. I am happy they are back and will take whatever content they throw at me.

  54. Welcome back guys!!!!

  55. Greg M says:

    Great first episode guys. Loved the bit with the Giraffes and the Zoo. If there was one thing I missed over the summer, it was Leigh’s tangents on totally unrelated things to the topic. lol

    Loved the Warriors talk too. I think they could be a top 4 team, mainly because they have gotten better and that home court advantage is like the Seahawk’s home field advantage in football. Oracle is loud, passionate and insane. I’m expecting a top 4 finish. Also looking forward to the Warriors/Clippers tilts this year. They were awesome last year and should only get better.

  56. Boogs the Magician says:

    I laughed, I laughed some more, and I heard things about the NBA. Welcome back guys. Was starting to forget how excellent you are.

  57. yangda says:

    good to see nothing has changed, welcome back guys

  58. JB says:

    Q101. Which one of The Starters will end of up having the most ‘Cool Story Bro’ by the end of the season?

  59. Cameron says:

    Loved the first show. I agree that the Nuggets will miss the playoffs, and probably trade Prof Miller. I think that the Pacers are true title contenders, and so are the GSW. Last season GSW did awfully well against an aging spurs team that came within a split second of winning the title. I think, if the ball bounces their way, that GSW could make it to the finals. And whoever comes out of the East will be bruised and battered from having to play Indy, Chi-Town, the Nets and/or The Heat. This might be the year for GSW/ZombieSonics/Spurs to win one for the West.

    Had to mention that Leigh Ellis sounds a lot like Aussie basketball legend (and current NBL commentator) Andrew Gaze. I think he’d like that comparison.

    Also, I am intrigued by the remix of the outro music (Love Letter – Easy Access Orchestra). I fear change!

  60. PeighSmellis says:

    Re: the biggest move of the off-season? The Kings getting rid of the Maloofs! Now Sacramento can enjoy hope for the future for the first time in a decade (although my in-laws in Seattle are pissed).

  61. Boyd says:


  62. Boyd says:

    I’m telling rondo is gone and gone soon

  63. Sandwiches says:

    I need to mention one thing about this podcast that never gets mentioned. This show has the perfect amount of drops and always has. Some shows are all about the sound drops and the content suffers. In fact, sometimes the drops are there because the content sucks the coin purse. Not enough praise is given to Matty-O and JD for their production ability. Thanks guys for making the drops enhance the conversation and not dominate it.

  64. beyne says:

    AWW YEA finally get my fix. Tas was hilarious and it’s great having li involved! #starterrs army?

  65. BaraChat says:

    I’m so freaking happy to have you back guys, it’s gonna take me a while to stop calling you TBJ, since I’ve been doing this for the past 5+ years.

    Anyway, I’m VERY happy you guys are back.

  66. VON says:


  67. micah says:

    How about Al jefferson for ther win on double doubles

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